Icons Of Charleston And The Low Country

                                             "Lucas 14 Waiting for the Wind"



As a mother, I have witnessed and suffered with my sons as they anguished, aching for life to begin, for the shackles of childhood to release them. In a city it's "wheels." On the water, it's "sails."

I guess for a boy, it's more about having "wheels", than for a girl. They look for jobs to make money to save for a car. They badger, beg and make outrageous promises to their parents to help them get a car "that is a great buy and just needs a little fixing", that he is sure he can handle all by himself. He brags to his friends that if he can just get that car, he can have his freedom, his independence and adventure. Then life will begin!

For me, it was all about sailboats. I had been trying to make sailboats since kindergarten. I used a sliding board to create a sail shape, from it hung an old sheet. My imagination knew no boundaries and little sense of realism. My inventive sailboats took me tracking to the farthest horizons of fantasy.

Lucas had done his part. He had worked hard all winter, saved his money, and bought the shell of a boat. Lucas then worked and reworked the old boat all summer.

The world was waiting for Lucas.

And Lucas was waiting for the wind.

Sculpture and verse by: Alyse Lucas

Icons of Charleston