Alyse Lucas Corcoran

What people are saying about Alyse’s sculpture




“Your sculpture brings the Low Country of South Carolina alive to me. Your work has great depth and beauty. I salute you and thank you for letting live with it for awhile.”

-Pat Conroy, Prize Winning author


“I think Alyse’s sculpture is dreamy. It pulls me into her space.”

-Patricia Cornwell, New York Times best selling author


“ Alyse’s work has a certain spirit that can truly speak to a survivor.”

-Margaret Anthony, Managing Editor, American Cancer Society


“Her work is so fresh and honest. The pieces we have here evoked a great deal of emotional response from the people, sculptors and caster’s who have come through here.”

-A.R.T. Foundry, Pennsylvania


“ Style. Competence. Flair for nuance. Strength. Expansive interests. Uniqueness. Those of us who know Alyse Lucas Corcoran have been struck by these qualities, which are as prevalent in her sculptures as they are in her persona. When the appreciative critic steps back to view one of her works, which is to view Alyse herself, he comes to recognize the sensitivity, delicacy and compassion that lies within. We stand in awe of her talent.”

-Barbara Kay. Ph.D


“Powerfully haunting work!”

-Holly Crenshaw, Staff Writer, “Atlanta Journal-Constitution”


“Her solid grounding in Stanislavsky method acting probably accounts for her stunning mastery of human emotion and gesture.”

-Allen Patureau, Features Writer, “Atlanta Journal-Constitution”



“My first look at her work was like my first sip of brandy.”

-Clarice Geigerman Woodruff, Art Appraiser and Acquisitions Consultant


“ Now that the 1999 Spoleto International Arts festival is over, I must tell you how pleased I was to exhibit Spirit in my gallery during this event. The public response was enormous. Through the piece was shown in progress and not yet cast, it really held its own with the finished bronze and acrylic works of Frederick Hart whose pieces are shown throughout the gallery. Visitors were amazed to think that you returned to sculpting just three years ago and that you have accomplished so much while fighting cancer. They were thrilled with the opportunity to share your success. Your pieces deliver incredible power and emotion with presence and grace. You are the most exciting and promising new sculptor that I know.”

-Wynne Hatfield, Gallery Owner, Charleston, SC


Alyse, I cannot tell you the effect that seeing your sculptures has had on me.  To say that they are  beautiful just doesn't cut it.  Believe me when I tell you that they have spoken to me at a very deep level.  "Spirit," of course, is a kind of piece de resistance but the others are truly inspired and inspiring.  Faces of Cancer is absolutely heart wrenching and I hardly know what to say about it for fear that any utterance will fall far short of what is intended. But sometimes silence can speak volumes.   Of course, I found out through visiting the website how personal a matter this is for you.


I particularly like Ander,  the Turtle Lady and, frankly, all of them.  If I had to single one out as being the most meaningful to me, I don't know that I could.  Your  written legends provide such simple (in the best sense of the word) sincerity and depth and beautifully complement each piece.  I cannot claim to be well schooled in what it is that makes a sculpture great but in my humble estimation your work, your sculpture and your writing, is brilliant.


With great admiration,


Rosemary S. Neilson

Washington, D.C.


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