Alyse Lucas Corcoran



Icons Of Charleston And The Low Country


“Crabbing At Dusk”

“Sweet Daisy The Flower Lady”

“Charles 13 Building Dribble Sandcastles”

“Lucas14 Waiting For The Wind”

“Miss Essie The Sweet Grass Basket Weaver”

“Papa John And Me”

“Ol Ander The Shrimper Man”

“Sand Castles”

“The Turtle Lady”

“The Hunter”

“The Flower Of Southern Womanhood” (1)


The Faces Of Cancer


“The Night Before”

“When We Got Cancer”


“Till Death Do Us Part”

“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”

“To Have To Go To Bed by Day”


The Strength Of Human Spirit In Adversity


“The Spirit Of September Eleventh”                  

“There Is No Unknown Soldier”

“Children Having Children”

“Children Being Children”

“Child Abuse-Not A Pretty Sight”



“Homeless People”

“Michael The Street Entrepreneur”






“The Angel Of The Living”

“The Angel Of The Dying”




“Women Loving Women” (1)

“The Diving Dolphins”

“Losing A Pet-Death Of A Gentle Black Swan”

“For The Love Of A Woman”

“Jesus In The Field Of Children”

“Sissy Wins The Race-Special Olympics”

“Black Goddess” (1)

“Meet Me At The Ritz” (1)

“Muffy & Maggie” (1)

“The Colours Of Joy” (1)

“Senator Max Cleland” (2)

“That Dress For Church! Can you tell me why?

grandma! Can you please tell me why?

“At The Edge Of The Ocean….

The Young Woman That Use

To Be My Child” (1)

“First Lady Rosalynn Carter”(2)

Based on Oriental Legend

“The Horse, The Maiden & The Dragon” (1)

“The Fledgling”


1.     Denotes work in progress.

2.     Denotes work in planning.


Many sculpture pieces are done in a series or a grouping to tell a story.


Some pieces have been chosen to be done life size or

 larger than life for public art.


Thought provoking larger that life or life size public statues

are what givens the artist the most gratification.   


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