The Official Unveiling of "The Spirit of September Eleventh"; The National Arts Club, New York City October 2, 2002. Photo by: David Larue

From L to R: John Morrison Alyse's husband, Aldon James President, National Arts Club, Judith Hernstadt A  dear friend of Alyse's,  Michael White Alyse's executive assistance.


"The Spirit of September Eleventh"

I am the Spirit of the American People on that day.
Their grief, anguish and steadfast determination. I am the spirit of the new millennium.
I am the Spirit of the fight for a better world.
I stand on the mountain of other people’s shoulders.
I stand tall in tribute to the trials and triumphs of the past and the present and I look out to the future.
Reach deep into your soul and feel your own Spirit
Wherever the Good fight for the Right, there also I will be.